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Learning a new language is hard! At SWJ, you can learn, practice and experiment with a native English speaker at home.

At SWJ, Teacher Jenn will be your PERSONAL GUIDE on your journey to English language proficiency.  Through REMOTE LESSONS, we will help you achieve your English language goals. Book individual lessons or a comprehensive package today to get started on your journey today!

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Teacher Jenn is an experienced educator with a passion for lifelong learning. Her mission is to help you learn how to speak “English Without Fear” through 1 on 1 English speaking sessions online. Prior to founding SpeakWithJenn Online Live Learning Classroom, Teacher Jenn had many years in-person classroom experience in the USA. She is TESOL certified by International Open Academy (IOA) since 2017.  SpeakWithJenn is supported by variety of remote technologies such as ZOOM and Skype platforms.

When not teaching, Teacher Jenn is a busy wife and mother of three children. Her husband is a chef in New York City and their three children attend home-school.

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Student #39

The teacher is very good, there are teaching methods, patient and gentle, funny and humorous, very professional, will make another appointment! 老师非常棒,有教学方法,耐心温和,风趣幽默,非常专业,会再约课!

Student #117

PengPeng cried after class. He loved every class on teacher Jenn, and Jenn so happy! It's really lucky for PengPeng to meet such a good teacher! We were moved by the card you replied to! Sincerely hope that the future can continue to about Teacher Jenn lessons, look forward to meeting again! Pengpeng is waiting for you! 下课后pengpeng大哭了一场,他非常喜欢teacher Jenn,和Jenn上的每一节课都那么开心快乐!能遇到这么好的老师真的是pengpeng的幸运!您回复的贺卡让我们感动!真心希望今后能继续约teacher Jenn的课,期待再次相遇!pengpeng等着您!

Student #11

This is a teacher that the child likes very much. It arouses the child's enthusiasm and love for English. The classroom atmosphere is relaxed. The teacher is also very lively and loving. 这是孩子非常喜欢的一个老师,调动了孩子的积极性和对英语的热爱,课堂氛围轻松,老师也很活泼,很有爱的一个老师

Student #77

The teacher treats us very attentively, the child always wants to interact with the teacher, this will delay some class time, but the teacher very much allows him to use his only words to communicate with the teacher, and respond to him, encourage him, praise him, so that the child is very inspired, feel love and acceptance, but also arouse the child's love for English, thank you very much teacher Jenn for his good intentions. 老师很用心的对待我们,孩子总想跟老师进行互动,这样会耽误一些上课时间,不过老师都很允许他用自己仅有的单词跟老师交流,并且回应他,鼓励他,夸奖他,让孩子很受鼓舞,感受到爱与接纳,也激起孩子对英语的喜爱,非常感谢Jenn老师的良苦用心

Student #1350

Thank you so much for the abundant information within a short lesson! I am so glad to learn three things in this class. First, vowels and syllables are the keys to pronounce words. Second, listening and shadowing can make my speech better due to the expressions and grammar in the sentences. Last but not least, I have to stress what I usually IGNORE; that is, the ending sounds of a word and that of a past-tense word in particular. What a brilliant lesson! See you next time!

Student #695

Dear Teacher Jennifer, I have to say that you are a smart and professional teacher! Leadership isn't an easy topic to talk about, but you find "speak with punctuation mark" as a teaching point, that is brilliant! I did learn something today and you definitely gave me good advice on how to read long sentences. Thank you!

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